The Importance of a Good HDMI Cable

News / Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Buying a new HDMI cable can be very intimidating. Most stores that sell them have walls of HDMI cables ranging from as low as a few dollars to very expensive. While some people may argue that there really is no difference between the cheaper and more expensive HDMI cables, there actually are a few reasons to spend a little extra money and get a nicer one. Remember: the HDMI cable is what will connect your audio and video devices to your TV. Buying one that’s used, in poor condition, or from a low-quality manufacturer will lead to a disappointing experience when you want to watch tv, a movie, or play a video game.

Where will the cable be used?
For people who want to hide their cables and will be running them through their walls or ceilings it’s a good idea to shell out a little extra money for a higher-quality cable that is heavier-duty. There’s not much more infuriating than something going wrong with your cable after it’s been installed in your walls or ceiling, and simply spending a little more upfront can give you the peace of mind that your cable is of high quality – enough to withstand being bent and twisted and in an area that’s not climate-controlled.

What’s the manufacturing quality?
Cheap cables will often break between the cable harness and the connector due to cheap materials and poor manufacturing practices. Buying a cable that is a little more expensive will save you this frustration and heartache. Also check the shielding on the cable that you’re interested in buying. If you will be installing the HDMI cable near electricity cables you’ll want to purchase one with extra shielding to keep there from being any interference that will cause problems with your video or audio stream. Otherwise, HDMI cables with two – four times shielding will be a good bet for the regular consumer.

Check the cable length.
It seems like it should go without saying, but buying the exact size HDMI cable that you need will save you money in the long run. Not only will you not have to replace the cable for a longer one or deal with a pool of unnecessary cable, but you’ll also lower any risk of signal errors. In this case it is worth it to spend a little extra on a perfect-length HDMI cable.

What’s the connector type?
Most HDMI connectors on HDMI cables are Full Size HDMI. However, if you need a special size like the Micro HDMI, you’ll need to spend a little extra money to get exactly what you need. Another option is to purchase a converter to make them fit yourself, but in this case you’ll be paying for higher quality if you purchase the size you need. Buying a cheaper HDMI cable with an adapter and trying to fix the problem yourself isn’t as easy as buying a higher-quality, more expensive cable that will do the trick.

When you’re shopping for an HDMI cable make sure to take these points into consideration. The HDMI cable can make or break your TV experience, and the importance of buying a good one shouldn’t be understated.

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