What is a Gold Plated HDMI Cable?

News / Thursday, April 20th, 2017

A HDMI port is the audio/video digital interface that replaces the old red, yellow, and white audio visual cords of the past. This type of connection transmits uncompressed or compressed visual data and digital audio to a monitor, projector or television from a HDMI-compliant source device like a display controller.

Gold plating is the method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, like copper or silver by chemical or electrochemical plating. Metals for electronics connections are often gold plated. A gold-plated HDMI cords are a high-grade HDMI cable that plug into the HDMI port on TVs produced after 2003. The ends are plated with gold as opposed to just copper or silver that provides not only a sleeker look but also the gold-plated HDMI cables have larger conductors, better visual quality and a maximum bandwidth of 17 Gbit/s as opposed to a regular HDMI cable maximum bandwidth which only reaches 10 Gbit/s.

The gold coating offers more protection from many different elements including oxidization which is going to protect your electronics as well. The gold-plated HDMI cable is often required for some professional grade electronics. The gold-plated HDMI cables are not necessarily more expensive, but the visual quality of the HD, 3D LED/LCD Television is better when a gold plated HDMI cable is used and the electrical conductivity and audio as well. Although most of the visual or auditory clarity is merely technical, gold plated cables are just better when compared to regular HDMI cables.

The quality of construction of the gold-plated HDMI cable is also better so typically is going to last longer than a standard HDMI cable. A gold-plated cable may be $50 as opposed to the regular HDMI price that starts as low as $10, but you are going to have to replace the regular HDMI cable more often so it would be much better to go ahead and just purchase the higher quality HDMI cable.

A gold-plated HDMI cable does not have to be expensive. You want to have high quality connections for your electronics; however, it is not necessary to spend as much on the connections as you have invested in the electronics. For professional grade electronics, a gold-plated HDMI cord is often necessary.  A gold-plated HDMI cord can range from prices as low as $4.00 to $400 and it is not guaranteed that the difference in quality will even be evident to the human eyes and ears alone, but hopefully at least you will have a quality gold plated HDMI cord that will ensure you with a higher quality than the standard cable and will protect your investments in the long run as well. The main reason to buy a better quality HDMI cord is for less loss in picture, formatting, and audio quality. The gold-plated cable is boasted to be the better option for a better viewing quality, however, the range of quality does not seem as significant as the range in prices for the HDMI cables.

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